The future of storage is here

The ground-breaking new PowerStore family eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilises both traditional and modern workloads.

Dell Technologies announce the launch of IntelĀ® based PowerStore, the much anticipated modern storage appliance, designed to support both traditional and modern workloads, from the core, to the edge and the cloud

Introducing PowerStore

Reasons Why Customers Choose PowerStore Storage

For organisations looking to consolidate their architecture, simplify and automate their systems and services, and realise their digital transformation goals, then PowerStore offers the ultimate solution.
PowerStore is Dell Technologies next generation storage appliance. It provides you with an infrastructure that will accelerate digital transformation. PowerStore provides unprecedented flexibility by not only enabling virtualised hosting of user applications directly on the appliance but doing so with seamless integration into the customers IT management environment and VMware ecosystem.

PowerStore Family Top Reasons

High-End Enterprise Storage Features at Midrange Price Point

The PowerStore Scale out architecture provides low-cost configurations that are easy to purchase and deploy for edge environments. Scaling these systems is as easy as just adding another node, and with sophisticated storage management skills in short supply in these types of distributed environments, that simplicity is very attractive. Read what the IDC Has to say in their White Paper.


Key features of PowerStore

The future of storage is here PowerStore whether your current environment includes traditional 3-tier solutions (servers, networks, arrays), hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid or public cloud, or a mixture of everything, PowerStore helps you simplify and modernise without adding another management silo, allowing your IT staff leverage current skillsets while investing confidently in the future.

  • Flexible and scalable architecture
  • Lower costs
  • Predictable overheads
  • Increased automation
  • Reduced management
  • Reduced resources
  • Actionable data insights
  • Increased application mobility
Family Spec Sheet



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