What if one platform can do it all?

Your data is your business and with IBM LinuxONE, you can be sure to keep it that way. LinuxONE is the only platform that can fully protect the privacy of your data, protect critical workloads from external and internal threats and enable data for insights in real time, while ensuring cost efficiency.

How LinuxONE can help your business

Secure your cloud environment

Industry analysts recommend LinuxONE as the platform of choice for enterprise cloud computing.

Scale without limits

LinuxONE drives enterprise workloads with hundreds of dedicated I/O processors and the fastest commercial processor available.

Innovate with ease

Advance on an open platform with a broad ecosystem and a great foundation for critical workloads. Now available on-prem or in the cloud.

Enable cost efficiency

Experience 2x the performance of x86 – at half the TCO and nearly 100% utilization.

Solving Key Pain Points!

IBM LinuxONE solves key pains by maintaining data privacy, ensuring stability and resilience, and helping businesses grow to new heights.​ It is an example of a secure data-serving infrastructure platform that is designed to meet the requirements of current-genas as well as next-gen apps. IBM LinuxONE is ideal for firms that want the following:

  • Extreme security
  • Uncompromised data-serving capabilities
  • Unique balanced system architecture
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LinuxONE III: The cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need

The new LinuxONE III delivers encryption everywhere, cloud native development and cyber resilience.

Flexibility, responsiveness and cost are fueling your digital transformation and your journey to hybrid cloud. Now, you can drive to market faster—while avoiding cloud security risks and complex migration challenges. LinuxONE III can transform your application and data portfolio with innovative data privacy, security and cyber resiliency capabilities—all delivered with minimal downtime.

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What is OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Red Hat OpenShift is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation.

OpenShift includes an Enterprise grade Linux operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, registry, authentication and authorization solutions. Users can automate life-cycle management to provide increased security, tailored operations solutions, easy-to-manage cluster operations and application portability.

OpenShift started with distributed systems. It was eventually extended to IBM Power Systems, and now it is available on IBM Z and LinuxOne. This creates a seamless user experience across major architectures such as x86, PPC and s390x!

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