How to Unlock the Business Value of Hybrid Cloud for Storage

By pairing hybrid cloud with enterprise transformation, organisations can exponentially increase the value-driven by their technology investments. Hybrid cloud generates 2.5 times greater business value than a single cloud platform approach by combining best-of-breed cloud services and functionality from multiple cloud computing vendors. BCX  in partnership with IBM show how Hybrid Cloud enables you to choose the optimal cloud computing environment for each workload, move workloads freely between public and private cloud as circumstances change, and balance the cost equation of cloud workloads vs. on premises for Hybrid Cloud Storage.

Modernise your infrastructure

View the Forester report on the total Economic Impact of IBM Spectrum Virtualise and how cost savings and business benefits are enabled by storage built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise.

Understand how you can modernise your storage by:

  • Managing data growth
  • Storing more data on existing assets
  • Accelerating aging storage infrastructure
  • Upgrading appliances non-disruptively
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Key benefits of Spectrum Storage

Reduce downtime, add features and unify storage from over 500 storage systems to make block storage more efficient, agile and cloud-ready. IBM Spectrum Virtualize can increase your data storage by up to five times.

  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx costs
  • Easy storage deployments on-prem
  • No vendor lock-in
  • High-availability
  • Faster storage technology with less risk to improve business efficiency
  • Drive consistent process and management on-prem and in the Cloud
Datasheet – SAN Volume Controller
Datasheet – Spectrum Virtualize for PC
Datasheet – Spectrum Storage

Full range of IBM storage solutions

BCX offers the full range of IBM storage solutions. Recent.  In February 2020, IBM announced a number of broad-reaching enhancements to its enterprise storage portfolio, that delivers Value for Existing and Prospective Customers. The improvements cover a variety of different areas, including new systems, support for SCM devices, and streamlining its block-based primary storage portfolio. This IDC Market Note looks at these enhancements, calling out the benefits for both primary storage customers and IBM itself.

IBM Storage Portfolio
IDC White Paper



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